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Frisco Animal Hospital is excited to welcome Dr. Christa Lloyd to our practice! Visit Our Veterinarian’s page to learn more about her experience or call today to make an appointment!

Our Pet Annual Wellness Plans (PAW Plans) provides you with proactive care for your dog or cat at a discounted price. Visit our Annual Wellness Plans page to find out how signing up for a dog or cat wellness plan, can help keep your furry family member healthy and thriving.

Welcome to Frisco Animal Hospital! This hospital opened its doors in 1972 as the first veterinary hospital in Summit County, before many of the streets in Frisco were paved. We have grown from the original Animal Hospital of the High Country in the log cabin on the corner of 7th & Galena St., to a multi-faceted, high quality animal hospital in the heart of Frisco. We continue to evolve and adapt to serve the needs of our changing local mountain community. Our current location is 700 North Summit Boulevard, Frisco, CO.

Frisco Animal Hospital is a state-of-the-art veterinary practice created to meet all of your pet's medical and surgical needs. We offer spays & neuters, advanced diagnostic capabilities, microchipping, oral & dental care and progressive medical techniques, such as K-Laser Therapy, as well as counseling and education for pet owners in a variety of topics. Veterinarians Dr. Thomas Fatora and Dr. Vanessa Koehler work closely to diagnose, research, treat, and manage cases. Dr. James Gaynor of Peak Performance Veterinary Group joins the hospital on Friday afternoons and brings exclusively to Frisco Animal Hospital pain management consulting, gate analysis, and in-house stem cell regenerative therapy, among many other services. Dr. Preston Stubbs of Mile High Veterinary Surgical Specialists performs TPLO and advanced orthopedic surgeries. A Board Certified Radiologist reviews all x-rays taken at Frisco Animal Hospital.

Our mission is to work with our mountain community in a caring and compassionate manner. We provide information and options to help you make educated choices on how to best care for your pet. It is important to our team thoroughly assess your pet, provide a clear plan, and include you in the process.

Oral & Dental Care

There are many ways to help maintain a healthy mouth for your pet, find out more about our services, which include teeth cleaning and polishing, tooth extractions and more.

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Hear what our clients are saying about their experience at our hospital. If your pet or animal is currently a patient, feel free to give us your feedback!

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Preventive Pet Care

Monitoring your pet’s health is important. Early detection and correction of medical problems will help to ensure that your pet will love a long, healthy and active life.

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