Dental Myths

Butcher bone in a package given to canines

There are so many let's start with one at a time:

  • False: Chew bones a good for canines

Besides having to deal with the ensuing diarrhea, this dog could easily have broken a tooth chewing on this bone. They love it and we all have seen the cartoons with dogs gnawing on bones but bones are too hard for chewing on. Bones are responsible for a lot of the broken teeth we see.

Although your pet's teeth maybe right under their own nose...They are all too often just out of your sight.

  • Non anesthetic cleanings are OK.

We had a patient this past winter that had non anesthetic cleanings for years prior.   The teeth had such extensive periodontal disease and abscessation that 18 were extracted; both of the upper canine teeth had abscessed into the sinuses of the nose.  Her owner was non too pleased that he had spent money on non-anesthetic cleanings that did not properly address the infection under the gum line. Fortunately his little dog is no longer in pain. The pain, infection and tooth loss could have been avoided if he had not relied on the non-anesthetic cleanings.


Oronasal fistula after nonanest cleaningsCanine tooth damage from chewing a bone