End of life pet consultations offered at Frisco Animal Hospital Frisco

End of Life Pet Care

At this time it may be hard to be objective about what is the best approach for your pet.

It is important to consider quality of life. The Hhhhhmm, tool may help you step aside from this difficult process and objectively assess your pet.

Rate your pet on the following:

  • Hurt (although pain is often hard to read in many pets; this is a big discussion in itself)
  • Hunger
  • Happiness
  • Hygiene
  • Hydration (are they drinking appropriate amounts)
  • Mobility; how easily is your pet getting around
  • More good days then bad; it is amazing how some pets will rally in the face of adversity and try to stay with it. Watch for how long they can sustain the rally

What do I do?

Call us and talk to us. We are here to listen first and we do not approach matters by telling you what to do. There is no clear cut approach; every pet's situation is different.

It is most helpful to schedule a time for you and your pet to meet with the doctor.

There are several options to sort through. You may want to do everything you can to maintain your pet's comfort at home (hospice) or you may find it helpful to know what options are available. Some find it easier to have a discussion with a veterinarian early in the end of life process in order to have an end of life plan in place.

Sometimes we are able to accommodate at home euthanasia. Sometimes trouble is so abrupt that the best you can do for your pet is to get to us quickly.

Use additional resources: talk to a friend that maybe has been through it before, or use the links below to read more on the subject.