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Dr. Tracy Keppel-Kolb

Dr. Tracy Keppel-Kolb with 3 dogs

Dr. Tracy Keppel-Kolb

I am a native to Tucson, AZ with deep family roots in the region. My mother was a dedicated veterinarian herself, with her own "no-kill" shelter. I spent many of my early years helping her care for a menagerie of animals. Unfortunately, I lost my mother at an early age, and, consequently, all of her animals (a snake, an iguana, and several birds) ended up adopting me as their sole caregiver. That was when I knew I was going to dedicate my life to the care of animals. I earned my bachelor's degree in Biology from Northern Arizona University in 2010. I continued my education at Colorado State University at Fort Collins CO, where I earned a DVM, and fell in love with Colorado. I studied a mix of small animal, large animal, and exotic animal medicine. After vet school, I spent 4 years practicing small animal and exotic medicine in Lake Havasu City, AZ, where I became the "go-to" person for potbellied pigs, pigmy goats, and other exotic pets. Eventually, I heard the call of the mountains and grew weary of the heat in Arizona. This led me back to Colorado, spending two years in Canon City practicing mixed animal medicine. My years in rural practice have allowed me the opportunity to care for complex cases that would otherwise be referred. I have been with Frisco Animal Hospital since February 2020. 

While I loved mixed animal medicine, I found myself less helpful for most cattle and horse emergencies, than I wished, being a little on the short side. So, I chose to return to small animal medicine with the hope I'll still see the occasional goat, potbellied pig, or iguana. 

Beyond my work, I enjoy hiking with my 2 dogs and spending time with my other pets; which include an amazon parrot, conure, snake, cat, a plethora of chickens, and 2 tortoises. I am taking advantage of the mountains by hunting, fishing and hiking. I am an adventurous soul, and love to travel. Gardening is a favorite pass time.